House Of Casal

In 1947, among impeccably turned out ladies and cigar-smoking gentlemen, a 12 year old boy stowed away on a ship bound for Argentina. My grandfather’s story is no ordinary one, and has been a significant source of inspiration to me as I navigate my way through life.
1935. Pontevedra, Spain: 
Juan Guiance Casal, the older of two sons, was born into a life of poverty… and relative freedom. One day, whilst playing on train tracks that ran through the rolling green hills of Pontevedra, tragedy struck. The younger of the two brothers killed, leaving my grandfather to watch helplessly.
As these things often go, a cycle of shame and blame led to devastation which consumed every remnant of joy within the Casal family and in time, my 12 year old grandfather courageously sought out a new life for himself, alone, in Argentina via the cargo hold of a ship.
But this is not a story of sadness. This is the story of a courageous youth, who made the decision to seek out a life of his making. This is the story of someone so inspiring, it seemed fitting that I honour him and the lands from which he came, in the best way I know.
Introducing, House of Casal.

Travel wish list Pontevedra, Spain 

The picturesque city of Pontevedra is nestled in between lush equine paddocks and sandy beaches on the last section of the Portugese Coastal Way. Rich with maritime and trading history, Pontevedra is a feast for the eyes with well preserved Gothic, Portuguese and Plateresque architecture. Nick named the "City Of Churches"

In 2009, all but essential cars were removed from the city centre encouraging a healthier lifestyle, calmer collective temperament and a city where those seeking out a good tapas, are spoiled for choice.


House Of Casal; Launching 10am AEST Wednesday 14th October 2020

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